Ph4ntos - PvP - Kits - Signals - 24/7 Day - TP - No Dura - InstaCraft

Ph4ntos Gaming!

Hey guys, and welcome to Ph4ntos Gaming, when you spawn in use /kit stater to get full Kevlar, an MP5A4, etc. You will also get a Supply signal. You can reuse this once every half-hour. I, the admin, am constantly monitoring the server and will make any changes necessary to keep everyone happy. Our server was in the top 30 Rust servers in the world before having to switch to a new IP. You can find us in the server list or connect by pressing F1 in-game and typing net.connect


-/kit starter with Kevlar, MP5A4, and Supply Signal
-/remove to destroy misplaced house parts
-High Loot
-No Durability
-Drop Party at server cap

We have added toprustservers and rust-servers integration! Use /vote for a free Supply Signal!

Our website has been updated! Visit to see the new design!

Our /vote command is working again! Type /vote in-game to get a free airdrop!

I have added new kits to the store! You can now purchase gun kits, house kits and airdrop kits from the store tab at