ph_atociousHouse is set in a rural place next to the beach it is home to an once famous architect that lost it these years so he had to work in his house…

steam Workshop link** :

*Gamebanana * :

-Contain diverse/huge amount of props so each round will be different
-contain radio that can play music

This map requires Counter-strike Source for the texture and props so you better have it installed or it’s files downloaded from external sites.

Can be played as a sandbox map as long as noclip is activated to go behind the playerclip (invisible wall)
the map contain nodegraph and navmesh (.nav) so NPC and SNPC will be able to walk .

Bugs and problems:
-one door refuses to close after opening it
-fps can drop from 200 to 70 when looking staight at the house entrance

map designed and made by me