Literally just cross posting from the workshop submission. I’m rather happy with the final result.


"A strangely familiar place.

Uses content from Metro 2033, Mission Improbable, HL:2. All extra content is packed into the file, so nothing other than base Garry’s Mod is required. This has inflated the filesize obviously.

Supports prophunt, hide and seek, sandbox, and in theory, darkRP and zombie survival by default. TTT is not supported.

35 player spawns included.

Map makes heavy use of func_occluders, making it mainly cpu locked on lower end systems."

Downloading the fuck out of this.

As said in the pimpage thread, amazing map. I love the aesthetic and atmosphere, it gives off a whole different vibe of strangeness with a weird sense of wonder. I love it.

However, while walking through it, I found some bugs and issues which for the most part, while being kind of an annoyance, seem easily fixable.[/t]
The orientation of the beacon base is quite weird. Would reorienting the prop make a visual impact on the machinery in the room above?

I was unable to break or move the item crate, it’s stuck like that.

While the table is movable, the ammo items are not. Looks weird when playing around.

You seem to have a tendency to goa bit overboard with detailing and small props; I had a serious problem finding this ladder to reach the train tunnel, since the decal behind it hinders clear readability. Without it, the ladder is much more clearly visible to the eye, especially during gameplay.

It’s super easy to get caught in the metal support beams, which is really annoying when running away in gamemodes like prop hunt etc. Maybe try a playerclip brush on the same level as the extruded brush face of the beams?

Same problem here. On corners, a triangle playerclip brush can prevent being trapped between the beams, i.e like this:

Obvious, but clipping issues. Also, how many times did you use any of the powerbox models throughout the map? Seems every room has at least a variant of it :v:

Not sure if this is intentional. If it is, maybe choose a brighter texture to make the trim more noticable, or embed the niche further into the wall.

I thought I could make my way across here. I could not, since they don’t have collisions. Is there a specific reason for this? It really seemed like a path to me …

Wrong texture variant above the door and a missing decal texture.

The wood texture on the desk legs is oriented in a weird way. It walso seems weirdly low-poly in comparison to the rest of the room.

Again, texture alignment is wrong.

I’d really consider marking these tiny little cans as debris; they’re a real hassle when you step on them, and they’re all over the map.

The trouble with displacements and decals. Maybe simply delete it?

bad decal choice for this wall, since you can clearly see the brick texture it’s supposedly sprayed onto.


You can open these doors into the void.

Hope this helps and I didn’t come off as too harsh - really looking forward to your next projects :slight_smile:

Nah, nothing harsh, I’ve had no bug testing, so this is actually really helpful. Only thing I’m worried about is the painful compiles times. :U

  1. Ye, changing the orientation messes up the room above, though I can put some brushes together to fix up the bottom section to make it look nicer.
  2. Fixed the crate, it was using a dynamic model instead of physics. My bad.
  3. Changed the flares to use physics_override. Should be moveable now.
  4. Good call on the ladder. Increased the brightness of the light next to it and dropped the decal.
    5, 6, 7. Fixed the missing texture on the ceiling. Will clip those out.
  5. Removed the powerbox and put the popcan and pliers on top of the cabinet to the right.
  6. That’s just the way I’ve got the doors set up, intentional. Doesn’t look the best but it functions.
  7. Removed the debris flag.
  8. Changed the texture to the non vgui variant.
  9. Changed the leg textures to a 90 degree angle. It’s low poly since it’s what fits presently. Not going to reorganize the whole room for a table. Also fixed the incorrectly oriented map in the same room.
  10. Fixed the texture orientation.
  11. Changed those and a few other props to debris.
  12. Changed into an overlay.
  13. Changed the graffiti.
  14. Fixed those doors and put geo behind them to help with vvis.

Going to push this update later this week.

If you find anything else do tell. Also how’s the map performance wise?

Happy to help :slight_smile: gonna check out the update once it rolls out to see how it all looks

I was averaging around 62fps with my Nvidia GT 730, with some dips down to 40. Considering the setup and how open the map is while filled to the brim with props and the like, it’s surprisingly playable. When overlooking a fair portion of the courtyards performance takes a hit, but that’s usually not the place you’ll be spending most of your time, and I can’t imagine the vvis nightmare that led to here, so it should be negligible.

You can see nodrawed surfaces from the train area:[/t]

As for performance, I’d recommend using a lot more areaportals, at least seal up the train station interior with them:

No offense to the creator,
but some of the rooms and specificaly furniture looks low poly and shoddy.

Fixed dem der nodraws. Adding in those areaportals next. Good call on that one. Should also seal up some dirty visleaves.

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