Phantasy Star Online 2 Models?

Hey, I’m curious to know if ripping the models from Phantasy Star Online 2 was possible?

I’ve looked up how to on my own and apparently there is a program Noesis that can do it. Someone made a plug-in however its locked behind some shit forum where you have to donate to get in.

I was curious to know if there were any other methods to cracking open the files? I personally just want to view them, but having them in SFM or Gmod would be pretty rad. The models in this game are pretty fantastic and I would love to mess around with them:[/t]

I don’t expect this thread to get very far but I figured why not give it a shot. Thanks!

I am pretty sure Xentax removed the donation to join feature, unless they readded it.

They readded it in December.

without that “shit forum” we wouldnt have alot of the stuff we have now :v:

anyways i reuploaded the script.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply the forum was shit, just that the pay to get in was shit.

Also, says puush could not be found.

I can confirm this. Puush seems to have removed it.

hold on il reupload

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So I figured out that the guys who do the translations are the only ones who are able to get into the files of the game and they refuse to share the code or the actual program they use.

There is an old version of the program lingering about but it only works on some files, it crashes on most.

I’d love to have ported models from here myself but the launcher makes it hard for ninjaripper and the file structure is about 30,000 files with arbitrary names and no extension. According to AIDA they never had a reason to bother with any modifications to models or textures so I’m not really sure they’ve bothered with a script or not period which would be why they refuse to share it (unless they actually do have one of course).

How does ninjaripper work? Does it work with the pso2 files? If I’m reading correctly, it imports the models from inside the game while its running?

And I believe the PSO2 files are called ice extensions from what I’ve researched. There’s a tool called deicer but the last downloadable version is years old and crashes on most pso files.

Ninjaripper works by (as the name implies) ripping the models and their respective textures directly from the game while it’s running. It’s not used to open files like the ones used in PSO2 unfortunately, so it would have to be used while the game is running. However, like CaptainBigButt stated, the launcher is a bit of a hinderance for the program, so it might be a bit problematic getting Ninjaripper to function with the game.

I’m making some progress:[/t]

My question now would be how would I apply the textures to this model? I’m using blender.

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Figured it out. Now just need someone to do the complicated shit haha

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These are the only ones I got so far.

Is this still being worked on? I tried to extract the weapon models with noesis, but it’s a no go.