Phantom Shadows

So I have these ugly shadows being cast by a prop_dynamic that I’m using for an elevator model, and there are NO light sources in the entire map besides the light_environment which is down 3 long halls,through 1 room and makes five turns.

In addition the light_environment doesn’t even have matching angles to these shadows, so I am really at a loss here.

The shadows

Here’s a map showing how isolated it is

Any help is appreciated.

Can’t you disable shadows in it’s properties, at least that’s what I remember.

Yeah. That should fix it I guess… Still bizarre what could be causing it. :sigh:

light_environment is a global entity, not a local effect. If there are any leaks in the map, it can cause weird stuff like that.

It’s sealed tight

Don’t use light enviroment… I suppose that’s a dark map?
Well then you better use spotlights & dark ambient colored light entities…

Those dynamic shadows have nothing to do with the map’s actual lighting (VRad). They’re just there to give some vague approximation of shadows. I’m not 100% sure, but I think their default values are intentionally set to be slightly off-center so that they’re more visible.

The entity “shadow_control” lets you change the direction, colour and strength of shadows, though that’s for all dynamic shadows in the map, not individual ones. Note that this has nothing to do with the Ep.2 flashlight shadows: they will be completely unaffected by any changes to shadow_control.

For your problem, I’d just disable the dynamic shadows and be done with it. They’re pretty ugly most of the time anyway.

If you want to match the angles and colour of those shadows to the light_environment you’ll need a shadow controller.

Dynamic shadows are cast by props themselves regardless of light situation. Some games like Dark Messiah and L4D have extra code to adjust them on the fly if you’re near a spotlight for example.