Phase 4 Exploits

Im going to be co-owning a phase4 and i want to know the exploits on it

the hell is a phase 4

a really bad gamemode for garrysmod

you start as a citizen who walks around talking to other people, you make yourself a boring empty home to create ration machines (or legal money printers) and get raided by a bunch of shits that call themselves mercs in powerarmor n’ shit. they either kill you or strip you of items all the time with the excuse of them being hired to do so, which is very bullshit. you respawn, repeat.

great gamemode :downs:

So like DarkDM.

Description from Ideal-Hosting


Dark RP with kool stats n shiet

no, actually, much much worse

its got that dull role-play atmosphere for the edgy role-players, its almost impossible to buy a gun unless you buy attributes for skills, and once you unlocked the attribute, you can “craft” a gun which is actually buying it. to buy a attribute, you need around 5000 and more as you level. you get 150 every 5 minutes from ration makers, and every 20 minutes you get around 200 automatically. twice the fun! or you can buy it from the little kids and admins who raid you all the time, for around 5k a weapon. its like hl2rp, except the mercenaries can do anything and are usually in charge and control, since there isn’t any real police in the game mode.

So in a nutshell: A shitty gamemode that’s only fun if you’ve got the bigger stick

DarkDM is worse. You don’t NEED weapons to roleplay like you DarkDM players think. However, at least in this gamemode it can be considered semi-serious if you have a good administration team. Also, DarkDM is meant for deathmatch. It used to be cool when people didn’t shoot you for looking at them funny but still had that little bit of deathmatch left so that way it was still slightly fun.

You guys are criticizing Phase Four a bit harshly. While I admit, it is a bit ‘gung-ho’, but that’s only because more than half of the server ‘owners’ are 12 year olds who get a leaked version of the game mode for the sole purpose of having tons of guns, armors, and shitRP. If a tight leash was kept on the server and the server had a good administration team it could be half decent. Now get that with a coder who can code some cool custom content and you’ve got a potential community. Of course, that’s very, very rare to come by and will likely not be the situation for this community.

LOL! You’re on 2AM aren’t you?

so any exploits?

There are quite the few backdoors. But if you knew how to script, you would be able to find and fix them yourself.

Kuro, Kurozeal can shutdown your server when-ever he wants, since the game is full of backdoors.

There was an actual leak where the person had remove them. I think the thread got removed though.

I think he means the major duplication glitches that were in PhaseFour :tinfoil:

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And they are still in 1.13 I think, haven’t checked though.

1.13 was just an openaura fix. Kurozael never touched the schema’s so yes. That glitch still does exist. I currently have a fix here and when I confirm that it does work I am planning on releasing it!

I played on their server, yes. Why does that have anything to do with this?

It doesn’t. It was just spur of the moment because when you posted that 1337 said, “Is it okay if I make this guy an infected? He’s a good roleplayer from IG and many people support him. I think his name is TechieGee or something.”. It was funny because you posted that right after 1337 mentioned you.

His gamemodes aren’t ‘full of backdoors’.

They all have the same 1 backdoor that you can remove fairly easily. If you got the cracked version from Alex Grist then the backdoor is removed and you have nothing to worry about.