Phase Four - Survival - Launch!


Phase Four is a gang-based survival game. Every player starts out with nothing, but will earn a steady amount of Rations over time. Rations are the currency used in Phase Four. You’ll need Rations to buy weapons, armor, ammo and items.

Making Money

To earn more Rations, you can purchase a Ration Printer and Ration Producer. These will produce Rations over time, but will eventually deplete their Batteries. You can resupply the Batteries by simply pressing USE on the generator. Be careful, other players can destroy your generators!

Press the TAB button to bring up the Main Menu.

Crafting. You can spend your Rations on various items here. Some items can only be bought in bulk, so you may need to find other players willing to help split the cost with you.

Once you’ve found a safe place, buy a Ration Printer and Ration Producer and guard them with your life, they will be your main source of income in Phase Four. Every 4 minutes your producers will drop Rations, make sure you pick them up frequently!

Please note that your generators will produce less if they are too close to another player’s generators. Try to find a isolated spot to keep them away from others.


When you die in Phase Four, you will drop the Rations and items that you are currently holding in your Inventory.

From the Main Menu, click on

Inventory to manage your items. You can use items or equip weapons and armor that you are currently holding. Holding items uses up Weight. Some items allow you to carry additional Weight when equipped, such as the Jacket or Backpack.


If you want to keep your Rations and items safe, you can store them in designated Safeboxes around the map. Items in a Safebox cannot be touched by other players, and aren’t lost when you are killed.

Each Safebox will also protect you from being attacked by other players; however, if you have been attacked recently and attempt to seek protection from a Safebox, you can still be killed for a short time.

Honor System

The Honor system in Phase Four is used to determine which Augments a player can use. Honor is gained by healing another Good player, or killing a Bad player. Likewise, Honor can be lost by killing Good players or healing Bad players. Your Honor will change while playing and can be seen in the top-left corner of the screen.

From the Main Menu, click on

Augments to view the available upgrades for purchase. Some Augments can be used whether you are Good or Bad, but some require a specific Honor value.


Weapons and armor have Durability. As a weapon is used, or as armor takes damage, its Durability will decrease. You can see the current Durability by hovering over the icon for the item in your inventory. The more damaged the weapon or armor becomes, the less effective it will be.

You can Repair the item by selecting the Repair option when clicking on the item’s icon. Repairing an item will cost Rations.

The Engineering skill will increase every time you purchase an item. The higher your Engineering skill is, the higher the starting Durability of weapons and items you purchase will be. For example, if your Engineering skill is at 10%, weapons and armor you produce can have a starting Durability of anywhere between 10% to 100%.


For better protection, and to get gear quicker, you can create or join an Alliance. Each Alliance has 5 different ranks that you can be promoted to. Other Alliance members will also be highlighted green for easier visibility in the game. From the Main Menu, click on

Alliance to create or manage an Alliance.

Members of an Alliance can deposit Rations into the Alliance Bank whenever they are within range of a Safebox. Only members ranked Seargeant or above can withdraw from the bank. All Rations stored in the Alliance Bank are safe from interference by other players.


From the Main Menu, click on

Victories to view the available achievements in Phase Four. Performing certain tasks will unlock achievements as you progress through the game, some achievements will reward you with Rations or unlock new Titles.

Open the Main Menu and click on

Titles to view the Titles that you have unlocked. You can set your current title from here, too.


From the Main Menu, click on

Bounties to view bounties that have been placed on other players. Killing a player will a bounty will earn you the reward placed on them. You can also place your own bounty on other players from this menu.


Damn, so happy to see this being re-worked. Was so awesome to play it back in the day, I remember it back from the day when it was Experim3nt. Will definitely be joining to try it out!

How many backdoors will this one have?

I like what you did with the UI- looks like a vast improvement over the original phase four.

Big new patch is coming this Friday night, so be sure to join in for the Cloud Sixteen community play session!

Join our Steam group for announcements and events :slight_smile:

All the new features coming in the big patch tomorrow night (green has been done, red I’m still coding.)

Wow, making quick work of things, I love it. Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Big new patch is out! Much more friendlier for new players now :slight_smile:

Conna are your admins still abusing? Your reputation is pretty bad last time I remember. I remember hacking in your server shooting your admins, then they would chase me in noclip LOL

When was that?


Oh boy, the latest release of DarkRP! Just what I was waiting for!

So many that the backdoors themselves will become their own gamemode.


Shit, probably the release before this lol the admins get so butt hurt, they go in observer mode to find us and try and kill us.

Fixed being able to punch people and them not being able to retaliate :v:

Also about my ‘past’, that was like 6 years ago when I was a teenager, I am 24 now and people change and move on with their lives. Don’t really wanna get into ancient history, the gamemode is fun you should check it out :slight_smile:

Good to see you changed! Will totally check this shit out!

I was just joking. I won’t lie, this gamemode looks really nice - I recall playing it ages ago though?

The way we can’t attack anyone that doesn’t have a weapon out is kinda stupid tbh.

Some guy stole my printer and producer and I couldn’t kill him. Found his printers, destroyed them. Then he just killed me.

Am trying to rebalance a lot of stuff – new system will allow you to attack anyone with certain amount of item value in their Safebox too. I’ll add in another system too where you can be attacked if you pick up somebody elses printers.

How did I miss this thread :stuck_out_tongue: Welcome back Conna :smiley: