Phaser Rifles

About an hour of work:

You could convert the one from Elite Force but yours looks good too.

Looks good, but most of it is just phototexture, abeit well done. It’d be nice to see more detail in the model.


release please i beg!!

i beg to!

Request a wireframe.

The end looks kind of like a dildo. Please fix.

release for posing.

swepping would be SILLY.

I believe you’ve all just been trolled.

I call fake.

After I edited it to look like the OP’s:

OP doesn’t even really look like a model.

Haha…Nice troll

Yep. You can even see a part of the wall in the hole near the butt of the gun.

sigh oh well it got my hopes up for a while :frowning: .

Congratulations, A Big Ass, you found the picture I used to make a basic texture for my model! I don’t know why your genius brain decided that since I used that picture for a texture that somehow I didn’t actually have a model and was a troll and fake, especially since I have already shown some of my models. The next time you have a flash of brilliance keep it to yourself and stop trolling and derailing my threads.

What’s even better is that you do this after I got banned for a day, right before I was about to show wireframes, so I can’t respond to these ridiculous claims. And the rest of you go along with it like sheep- “Oh yeah, durrr, you can see right there where it’s not even a model! Duuhhhh.”

I also keep copies of the model at every step so you can see that this was actually modeled and not a picture or port:

This looks really interesting, keep up the good work!

wow nice work on the model.

were sorry love the model

Fucking owned. Bravo Fremen, you’re my hero.