Phazon Suit Samus + Fixed gunships

Phazon Suit Samus

This is a hexed reskin of nexuselite’s Gravity suit samus that uses the original game textures with some minor edits. It won’t replace your original gravity suit samus.


  • Nexuselite, for porting the original model
  • Medrop, for ripping the textures of PS Samus
  • Nintendo / Retro Studios for an awesome game.

Hex, minor texture edits and replacements by me.

Picture (Morphball not included / There are more pictures inside the file):

To spawn this model, go to Browse/all/nexuselite/Phazo.mdl

Fixed Samus’ Gunships

Samus’ Gunships now with textures, for the ones who had problems, like me.
Ported by medrop.

Picture: above :wink:

Spawn in browse/all.


Have fun :wink:

excellant. any chance you could somehow make it shiny?

This is a virus. Don’t download.

say what?


Great Job Vert, looking forward to using these, now that they’re fixed.

Should’ve expected this, seeing as you’ve become one of the reskin kings.

When did he become a reskin king? Is this an alt account or something? Because I never heard of him, and this is the only thread I found that he even started. ._.

maybe vert should start making the reskins and hex stuff for my sora model… that way we would have some drive version

So there is a Morphball model then…so where is it? I’ve looked everywhere ;(
and I mean all over the internet everywhere.

Also cool looking reskins, just wish I had something to unpack .rar files.

There’s like ten of them in Medrop’s Metroid thread.

And you never heard of him because he just recently became a reskin king.

Hey, thanks for the kind comments, guys. I’ve recently learned how to hex my skins, so expect more models in the future. I’m doing more skins in the brawl ragdoll thread, but i’m thinking about making my own reskin topic, to put all the downloads in one post.

Well, if i onlyhave to replace the textures… I suppose I can.