Phillip from Penumbra.

As much as I love Penumbra, I find that there’s VERY little of it involved for Garry’s Mod. I humbly request a model of Phillip, the main character, from what the various images depicting him look like.

Front and most common image of him; Orange hood, blue/dark blue pants, boots.

I agree with penumbra beeing a amazing game and all, but since you play in FPV the whole game with no cutscenes i doubt there is any full model of him (this factor will exclude ripping) hence, individiula modeling is required and i do hope someone full fills this request for you.

I know, which sucks ass. Than you for showing interest.

Well, ok, let’s try to make this more simple. How about a minor skin/model edit of a civilian? They have most of what he wears, anyway. Just needs to be tweaked/adjusted.

I agree, actual coats in general would be quite welcome. The citizen shirts reskinned as coats don’t look really that good anymore.