PHN SVN not cleaning up :( HELP

I MEANT TO SAY PHX NOT PHN (FAIL), ok we are good, now continue reading- So, I recently spent about 4 hours downloading all the PHX props using the svn and then the power went out and of course it stopped the download. I have most of the files in the folders but I’m guessing some are corrupt or something. When I try to do an svn update to download the rest of the props it says-

and when I try to clean it up like it says it says-

so if anyone know what to do, it would be great for you to tell me

*and yes I know I forgot to block out one of the names oh well…

Why not just restart the download

It took me around 15 minutes to download PHX (if that) - i almost doubt it would take 4 hours.

Just leave it on overnight or something.

unless someone else knows how to solve the specific TSVN problem.

also you missed a spot

dammit well… anyways thanks I’ll try


Nope no luck and I can’t restart the download cuz it won’t clean up so I’m still stuck :frowning:

delete the phx folder then



well I was hoping it wouldn’t come to that but I’ll wait a little if anyone else knows anything then I’ll do what you said.



IF I were you, I wouldn’t put SVNs in your addons folder. It can really slow GMod down because of the hidden .svn folders.

Wich is why you export.


Ok thanks I’ll re-download it to a different folder then export the stuff. Thanks :smiley:

Tutorial on how to use TSVN and export