Phoenix Community | Looking for Web Developers

[release]Phoenix Community is a Garry’s Mod Community who has currently started a big project of creating a new, unique Community.

We’ve got a established Team, but we’re still in need for a couple of more Members.

We’re looking for someone who’s experienced with Web Developing, this includes HTML/PHP/CSS/JSS, If you’ve got any experience with MyBB, that’s also great.[/release]

This is our current Team:


[li]Phoenix - Project Leader/Founder[/li]
[li]Kris Hales - Co-Founder[/li]
[li]Kjell-Arne - Co-Founder[/li]

Lua Scripters:

[li]Gbps - Lua Scripter[/li]
[li]BlackOps - Lua Scripter[/li]
[li]Spencer Henslol - Lua Scripter[/li]
[li]LevyBreak - Lua Scripter[/li]
[li]Averice - Lua Scripter[/li]
[li]Dlaor - Lua Scripter[/li]
[li]Aualin - Lua Scripter[/li][/ul]

Web Developers:

[li]Alteran - Web Administrator/Developer/PHP[/li]
[li]Pie - Web Developer/PHP[/li][/ul]

If this sounds interesting for you, and you fill the requirements, please contact me by either leaving a Reply, a PM on Facepunch.

You can also contact me by these means:

STEAM: headhuntar

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

And what would we be doing?

Editing a MyBB Theme, Configuring MyBB and Customizing it to our liking. PHP Scripting and some Modules will need to be written and integrated. Also some MySQL Database output, if you’re qualified for that.
There’s a lot more too, but I wont go into details about that yet.

We’re also talking about future Web Administration and Web Management.

I’m good with MyBB
And some other shit

Hit me up on steam: badnewsgaming2007

How about CSS? Currently we’re in need of someone who’d like to dedicate some time to create and customize our theme.

Larskri. i added u on MSN about 3 hours ago. accept and ill chat.

I can’t see the invite, send me your MSN adress.

i sent it to you in PM.


and re- add - ed you correctly this time

Design isn’t my thing.

From what you’ve made it seems you’ve only got basic PHP knowledge, I’m sorry but that’s not what we’re looking for. :slight_smile:


Thank you, recieved, but you don’t seem to have the desirable knowledge about scripting that we need.

Oh no.

You didn’t.

And more shit that isn’t public.

I’m impressed, add me to MSN:

You just make a very big mistake. Compwhiz probably knows more than most of the guys on your team.

Indeed, I admit I did a mistake at making assumptions there. He’s on the team now though, so I apologize for that. :slight_smile:

Oh hey, Uber, do you remember me? We used to talk a lot in the past, I’ve still got you on MSN. :v:


You guys might want to hit up deadeye. He is absolutely amazing. He can host too. Check him out.

Link me his facepunch :slight_smile:

“Bad reading? There’s no user named Deadeye on FP.”