Phoenix Minigun

Ported over from 007 Nightfire, Other weapons coming soon.

but heres a video of it in action!

I know, the video sucks, thats why I made it.

this a weapon_swep or weapon model ?

so nice!!

Ask yourself: Is this Models/Skins Releases or Lua Releases?

I guess it could be a swep IF you can make it properly.

Where was this minigun in-game? I can tell it’s not one of the mounted guns from the multiplayer levels or the security car gun. Was this from the snowmobiles?

The Phoenix Elites (The guys that look like Knights in red camo) had them.

sry, didnt read

Phoenix Elites? Describe the level.

I dont remember but I THINK they appear either in the power plant or in the missle silo.