Phoenix Roleplay

Hey everyone!

EDIT: Seeing as everyone Hates Darkrp, I have changed it to Tiramasu, but have changed it back to Darkrp for a bit while I work out how to code Tiramisu

Phoenix Roleplay!


Good admins
Custom Content
Mad Cows

Map: We are currently playing on RP_sunvale

Even though we are Darkrp we will be changing gamemode to Tiramisu so we are always welcome for people to help my community and give some Tutorials on how to code Tiramasu.

Here is our website (Yes I know it is SMF)

Hope to see you on!

Whats with people and making multiple threads.

It isn’t even that far down.

another shitty darkrp edit …

The Whole point of the server is too have fun.

But I still don’t know why you couldn’t just, bump the older thread if you really wanted to get noticed again.

Oh, the old thread was the one with the shitty home hosted one.

Its still the same “Server” isn’t it?
Where Its hosted doesn’t really matter for a thread

Ok then, maybe someone could delete the old thread?

Changed server gamemode

How unoriginal is that name. Phoenix.