PhoeniX-Storms 2

So my friend has been complaining to me about downloading PhoeniX-Storms 2 (Yeah I dont have it yet if u do go ahead laugh) - if I dont have winrar…or anything like that how do I install it - plz help

Don’t get PHX2. It’s ridiciolusly outdated. Get PHX3. Here’s a tutorial on how to download it (and others)
Tip: Get Wiremod while you’re at it.

Not everyone needs wiremod you know.

It’s a helpful hint. Get it now off the official server so you don’t have to get it off some random’s hired server at 10 kb/s

PHX and Wiremod are the two most used addons. If you dislike giant red errors, you need to get them both even if you don’t use them.

Im with divran, He is my friend afterall…I should really talk to him more.

Wiremod is what makes gmod fun. Without wiremod, gmod gets old fast.

Well I disagree new92 I’ve had GMod for like 5 days now and I only been able to play since yesterday (Didnt know I had to put -dxlevel 80 if processor was small) and I did single player for like 10 hours straight and not once did I get bored

What did you accomplish in your 10 hours

You don’t accomplish things in Gmod.

Its a SANDBOX game - theires no goals or achievments (yet XD)

Problem resolved thank you to all who helped