Phoenix Storms Vehicles FSD Overrun Monorail Problems

hello I am having trouble getting the above Item running on Single player mod in Garry’s mod every time I run it it causes an error relating to the model I am just wondering if there is Fix for it

Sorry if this is not in the Right place Admins Please move to right section as I was not sure where it should go

The Error Message I get

Screen shot of how it looks in Garry’s Mod

wait, wtf? it caused an engine crash?
thats not good. Whatever you spawned, maybe you should spawn it on top of other props other wise your computer or maybe this “bug” of yours can be fix with an update or a re-instalment of phx with svn.

sounds like a glitch causing it to somehow run the engine harder then it can, like running nos through an old beat up chevy

The thing is I have do a reinstall and even updated the VIA the SVN and it still has this problem so any one got some help or if they are willing to check there version see if it will work on there’s that way I can known if its just mine or if it is a bug

Okay I think I sorted out what is wrong there is no Error With Phoenix Storm its with one of the Add On’s I have [FS] Modified Vehicle Pack 2.0 that is causing the problem just got to figure out how to get it so they both work together

so if any one knowns how to do that please let me known asap thank you