PhoenixRust.Dk New Community Server - Searching for members and players.

Hey Guys. We are Phoenix Community and presenting our Rust Server!
Just come over say hello and enjoy the game.

*A few requirements.

  • You’re 18+
  • You’re an active Rust gamer, and an active Facepunch user - always keeping yourself up to date on the latest Rust news.
  • You have 0 VAC bans on your Steam Account.
  • You’ve been looking for a gaming community to be a part of.
  • You speak clear and understandable English. And your written is good as well.
  • You have some past experience of being an administrator in either Garry’s Mod or similar games.


#1 No Hackers! No Cheats!
#2 No abuse/Bug using/Exploit using/ or any other kind of new sh!
#3 Please speak english or danish/no violation
#4 Survive!
#5 Craft!
#6 Enjoy!

DK | PhoenixRust | PVP | Removal | Groups | Oxide


Last Wipe 09.03.2014

  • Oxide
  • Active admins (who will only act when hackers/stuck people)
  • Groups
  • Location, list of players online, … (type /help when connected)
  • Airdrops (starting from 10 players+ at the moment, random times)
  • Death Handler (Person who killed you, body part and distance)
  • Sleepers ,PvP and Door Sharing on
  • Remover tool when you misplaced is possible (with a Pickaxe)!
  • Events during peak hours and/or weekends
  • Oxide [Version: 1.16b]
  • History
  • Doorsharing
  • Teamspeak 3 Server ( – get your own room.
  • 50 Slots
  • The server will be checked, once a day with new addons and usuable featues

To Expect

  • Live streaming
  • An active gaming community
  • Game servers in games like (Rust)
  • E-Sport Teams in games like (Rust & Diablo III)

Steam group:

Make an application on our website


If you enjoy our stuff please vote for the server.

// Lucien

It is a really nice server.

ty Zeep^

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We are still searching for members. :slight_smile: anyone out there might be interested?

This is a greath server !

Best server around for RUST.

Have great time pvping on the server.

Team up in groups and enjoy the game.

The best server i ever played on.

Minimal lag and downtime

The admins are very active and helpfull.

So if your looking for a server this is the one to join!

Tell your friends about the most awesome server for RUST!

Great to hear mikolos thank you for the nice words about our server.
we try everything to make our players happy, by updating all our addons to the newest version and listen to our players and their needs.

Any suggestions to make the server more attractive are welcome. Do you got any ?

The server is greath.

Dont know if i have been unlucky or the drops of suply signals is realy low ?

But Greath server !

The supply signals are only dropping in airdrops. and you have to be very lucky

ok… hmmm time to try my luck with the airdrops

yeah, its not always they are inside a airdrop. so :slight_smile:

We are still searching for admins for our rust server :slight_smile:

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Fill out our recruitment form :slight_smile: Phoenixrust.Dk

Hey, mikolos thank you for the donation on our website :open_mouth: appreciate it :slight_smile:

np its a greath server !

This is a nice server, no lag and there is almost always a admin online to help if any problem comes up. If you are looking for a good server, then this is definitely worth taking a look at!

awesome we are 20+ on the server atm :stuck_out_tongue:

We are still recruiting, probably looking for 2 more admins

Go go guys, we had a wipe yesterday.