Photo Editing Programs

I’m looking in the Gmod Screenshots section and I was wondering what Photoshop version people use. Or even GIMP? I would really love to know!

It’s likely that if they use Photoshop, they use CS4/CS5 since those are the most recent ones. But there are always the people that like to use the older ones (CS2/3)

When it comes to GIMP, though, I can’t help you there. It’s been years since I used it.

Photoshop Extended CS5

Or you could always try

photshop cs3 , fast and reliable is my favorite. But there’s an old plugin for gimp called the resynthesizer, does the same thing as cs5’s content aware. If you ask me, gimp does it better.


Well my Uncle just ordered CS5 Premium Bundle with Photoshop CS5 and Flash and stuff. Do you think I could use that? He doesnt need Photo and Flash thou! :smiley:

GIMP it up! :slight_smile: