Photoshop CS4 and apparent lack of Vector support

So, for starters, I’ll state that I learned on CS2.

I’ve recently been enrolled at a school for modeling and things of the like in general. We’re now taking a class for texture work on models we’ve made.
I figured it wouldn’t hurt to take my project to a different place and work on the texture there, but I’ve run into a snag. It seems that somewhere along the line Adobe removed visual calculation of vectors in Photoshop. I can still place vectors in the image, but they appear pixulated and hideous as the UV map I need to work with is 1024 x 1024. It’s not impossible, but it would be easier to work if they were just smooth again.

Anyone know a way I could remedy this problem short of using program with a different functionality?

For the record, yes, I know, a vector isn’t going to retain its properties once it’s a texture. And I’ve been through Google most of yesterday.