[PHP & DarkRP]Automatic donation system - SetMoney not working

This looks exactly like -> http://coderhire.com/scripts/view/14

If you purchased this, ask DarkE about it.


Ask the creator about it.

Yea, i did, but i feel getting more info/faster info here though.

rp_setmoney requires a 3rd argument of “+” so that it adds instead of setting the wallet.

array("rp_setmoney", "%name%", "500000", "+"),

If that still doesn’t work then you should ask the creator.

Oh yeah the ‘add’ thing was what i need also, thanks for this!

Edit: Still not working, i’ll ask the creator :confused:

Now I don’t think you want to set money, you want to add money.

Example if you are going to setmoney.
If the player got 150000 dollar and he buys that then his money will be set to 50000. That will make him lose 100k

Example if you add money
if the player got 150000 dollar and then he buys that package then he’ll have 200k.

Which is exactly what I said and is what I addressed.

I think he’s having the problem that it’s not doing anything which is more something to do with the addon rather than the command used.


He doesn’t want to contact me because he’s using leaked script.