PHP DarkRP Classmaker Script

DarkRP Classmaker v1.0
-Making classes for DarkRP did just become easier.

What does it do?
Its a PHP script for making your own class, you can choose everything.

Is it done?
Yes, it is perfectly done.
It even got a nice layout :smiley:
Might need small edits.

Check it out here:

Nice, but I like this better…

Lol, im not done yet 8D

(No offence to maker)
But I didnt like it xD


Added more models!


Added Red Green Blue Alpha (Color)


Gonna fix layout later

Updated the Layout, looks nicer!


Now you can choose EVERYTHING.

I’d call it DONE! :smiley:

Cool. If you would like me to host this let me know.

Haha lol its okay, it aint even big xD

Well it kinda looked like it was just being hosted from hosted from home.

It is xD
I have another website, well thats the same website, a file uploading host.
I think its slow but yeah xD
Im getting a new computer and better internet connection ^^

Uh well I have a server that’s up 24/7 and has a domainname.

Needs more models, only 5 of them…

I know, Im gonna add more xD


Or I might add Custom Model

It’s a pretty good classmaker compared to one I once used. but I am adamant in my thoughts of classmakers are for pussies.

add a small list of weaponnames for the darkrp sweps.

Some people are idiots so I decided to put this on


Another Edit
A list.

models/player/charple01.mdl  --Black Burned Corpse
models/player/classic.mdl  --Normal Zombie
models/player/corpse1.mdl --the maggot filled corpse

models/player/Group01/Female_01.mdl -- female can have 01 to 07
models/player/Group01/Male_01.mdl -- male can have 01 to 09

There isn't group02 citizens for some reason.

models/player/Group03/Female_01.mdl  --female can have 01 to 07
models/player/Group03/male_01.mdl -- male can have 01 to 09

models/player/Hostage/Hostage_01.mdl --asian looking man in a white top
models/player/Hostage/Hostage_02.mdl --normal looking person in a blue top
models/player/Hostage/hostage_03.mdl --old man in blue top
models/player/Hostage/hostage_04.mdl --that old man in white top that looks a lot like kleiner.

Oh nice, I’ve been looking for one of thoes ^^


Oh shi-. This is gonna be a HUGE list, I’ve added many right now, adding more, like Combine soldier and so on.

New suggestion, make the text box for the description multi line

Ye I know.
I was gonna do that, I just couldn’t think off the type to do it.

Okay fixed it!


Added Weapons Menu.

You can now choose Custom model or Premade model (Custom = Whrite the model’s name urself)
(Premade = A list of models to choose from)


Added a Model List and gave credits to rob54362 for it! :smiley:

Hmm, I made one of these, I was lazy and used the phpBB Admin style for the interface. Perhaps, may I use the model/weapons list and add some javascript to insert it directly into the field.

I’ll give appropriate credit as needed!

O yeah, almost forgot link, it’s
I have made a few more things for it as well, just quick scripts like the command list (Although the array was a pain )

Also, to the one about the Flash one by FPtje, it’s horribly out of date unfortunately.


I have started a bit of work on the player model list, I’ll remove it upon request, but that’s for a new day.

Also, you are more than welcome to take my code and modify it for your needs (javascript that is).

Ehm, the weapon list is what I made, but the Model List is not mine, ask rob54362.

Sure, take the weapon list ^^

Thanks, I’ll add it promptly tomorrow! I’m heading off to bed now, 5AM :S.

This also goes on the side of my to do list, figure to how to add fields, and have PHP process it as if it were an array, from there it’ll be reletivly easy. Ahh well, I’ll worry about that tomorrow. For now, Cheers!

What do you mean by add fields? xD