Phs Gun help

K well people can move eachother with the phs gun how do i stop that im useing ulx

isn’t this meant to be in the lua scripting?

idk but i got prop protection lol

Immunity stops them from picking each other up print the code here and ill do something 4 you maybe

Using ULX, only admins should be able to move people with the physgun. If every player can move another player then your ULX permissions settings are wrong. If this is the case, you should open data/ULib/groups.txt and change it to the default settings, IE copy this into it:

		"ulx hiddenecho"
		"ulx rcon"
		"ulx luarun"
		"ulx cexec"
		"ulx ent"
		"ulx adduser"
		"ulx adduserid"
		"ulx removeuser"
		"ulx userallow"
		"ulx userdeny"
		"ulx addgroup"
		"ulx removegroup"
		"ulx groupallow"
		"ulx groupdeny"
		"ulx spawnecho"
		"ulx tsay"
		"ulx csay"
		"ulx gimp"
		"ulx mute"
		"ulx ungimp"
		"ulx unmute"
		"ulx gag"
		"ulx ungag"
		"ulx chattime"
		"ulx welcomemessage"
		"ulx slap"
		"ulx whip"
		"ulx slay"
		"ulx sslay"
		"ulx ignite"
		"ulx unignite"
		"ulx playsound"
		"ulx freeze"
		"ulx unfreeze"
		"ulx god"
		"ulx ungod"
		"ulx noclip"
		"ulx hp"
		"ulx armor"
		"ulx cloak"
		"ulx uncloak"
		"ulx blind"
		"ulx unblind"
		"ulx jail"
		"ulx unjail"
		"ulx ghost"
		"ulx unghost"
		"ulx ragdoll"
		"ulx unragdoll"
		"ulx maul"
		"ulx strip"
		"ulx adminmenu"
		"ulx clientmenu"
		"ulx mapsmenu"
		"ulx showmotd"
		"ulx banmenu"
		"ulx exec"
		"ulx rslotsmode"
		"ulx rslots"
		"ulx rslotsvisible"
		"ulx reservedslots"
		"ulx bring"
		"ulx goto"
		"ulx send"
		"ulx teleport"
		"ulx tooldeny"
		"ulx toolallow"
		"ulx tooldenyuser"
		"ulx toolallowuser"
		"ulx tooldenyoverride"
		"ulx map"
		"ulx kick"
		"ulx ban"
		"ulx banid"
		"ulx unban"
		"ulx spectate"
		"ulx physgunplayer"
		"ulx vote"
		"ulx votemap2"
		"ulx votekick"
		"ulx voteban"
		"ulx veto"
		"ulx help"
		"ulx psay"
		"ulx asay"
		"ulx thetime"
		"ulx menu"
		"ulx motd"
		"ulx usermanagementhelp"
		"ulx who"
		"ulx votemap"
		"ulx logecho"
		"ulx logfile"
		"ulx logevents"
		"ulx logchat"
		"ulx logspawns"
		"ulx logspawnsecho"
		"ulx logdir"
		"ulx addgimpsay"
		"ulx addadvert"
		"ulx addcsayadvert"
		"ulx addforceddownload"
		"ulx debuginfo"
		"ulx voteecho"
		"ulx votemap2successratio"
		"ulx votemap2minvotes"
		"ulx votekicksuccessratio"
		"ulx votekickminvotes"
		"ulx votebansuccessratio"
		"ulx votebanminvotes"
		"ulx votemapenabled"
		"ulx votemapmintime"
		"ulx votemapwaittime"
		"ulx votemapsuccessratio"
		"ulx votemapminvotes"
		"ulx votemapvetotime"
		"ulx votemapmapmode"
		"ulx votemapaddmap"
		"ulx seeasay"

If it’s simply the admins moving people and you don’t want them to, just run the command (rcon ulx groupdeny admin “ulx physgunplayer”) on your server.

Thank you so much i just got that fixed thanks for that file


Ok corrrection i made that my USer file but my friend can still move me


Not to be gay but still need help sooooo Bump