Hey guys, I am trying to get rust but I don’t have a key, BUT I have seen videos of the game and I was thinking when you will be able to destroy walls, houses etc etc, you may be finding very strange floating buildings (I am expecting.) So although I don’t know what happens with that if there is no gravity for buildings later on I recon you should add some :v:

~sorry about my grammar~

Just a thought
By Xanbunny

Why would you take the time to apologize for your grammar rather than just using the time to correct it? But I feel ya, I really hope they don’t put in stuff like floating buildings or manage to make buildings as high as skyscrapers. Because so far the game seems realistic and a fun survival game, I just don’t ant them to kill it with silly stupidity.

Well they already patched up where you used to be able to build over air. Now you can only build on pillars/ground/other structures. Skyscrapers might be a bit overkill. While it will always probably be possible to build them I can’t honestly see why anyone would waste all that time building one if it’s so easy to destroy.

I saw a video were someone had stairs with boxes it was really silly.