Phsy gun skin help

I downloaded a skin for my physgun Even.Darker.Red.Physgun.( to be exact. It old me to extract it to “Steam\steamapps_USERNAME_\garrysmod\garrysmod” so i did and it ask me if i wanted to overwrite some files, so i did. I am just wondering is there anyway i can get back to deafult skin without having to completly reinstall the game ??

Also i know this isnt the right place but just so i don’t have to start a whole different thread how do you log out of facepunch it keeps me logged in ??

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You’ll just need to find the files and delete them manually. Look in “garrysmod/garrysmod/materials/models/weapons” and look for files beginning with “w_physgun” and delete those.

And to log out of Facepunch you need to delete your cookies.

To get rid of your old skin (downloaded) you need to delete the folders. If you dont remember where they exist, download the file again, and look in the directory folders

I overwrited the files though when i extracted it, so if i delete them, i am not deleting the originals but im deleting the only skin for my physgun. Will garrys mod automaticlly install the originals or will i get some error.