phx 1&2 not working

Ok, so I’ve had Gmod for about 2 weeks now. When I first got it I downloaded Gods little finger v2 and harpoon cannon. Those work fine. Then the next day I tried downloading phx 1&2. I did exactly what it said to do. I cut the folder and pasted it in garrys mod addons. I go in the game and nothing is there. I rebuild my cache. Still nothing. I’ve been working on this for the whole two weeks and it’s still not working. Can someone please help me with this?

But wait, there’s more! Then I tried downloading Viva la Spartan kick. After I cut and pasted everything, I go in my game and nothing is there. So im getting kind of impatiant. If someone could help me it would be greatly appreciated.

Get PHX3 svn.

it would have been alot more helpful azzy if you would have given him a link.

Kinda stupid you people need to make the svn wiki page a fucking sticky like the Crash or bsod topic

Oh and dont cut and paste. Just drag the shit into your folder and quit being lazy.

I will most likely but you see, I have a aircard and they have 5 GB of usage. so when it resets i will get phx3. But viva la spartan kick was not working and they both are supposed to go in addons. the other weapons i got went in lua and those work.

p.s. I tried putting spartan kick in lua/weapons and it did not work.

uh no your supposed to drag the entire folder in your addons. its that simple get the folder that has the materials and lua for the spartan kick. and drag and drop. easy.

How can putting addons in the addons folder be so hard to some people?

ok im a noob… what is svn. :frowning:


i put spartan kick in addons and it did not work

ill help you with this cause the others will be assholes about it most likely. Download this and tell me your steam so i can add you and help you in real time instead of this forum thing.

umm i’ll download it on the 8th of august. that’s when my aircard will reset, but my steam is hookshot95. sigh and also i can’t go on steam till the eighth. So add me to you friends on steam and I’ll pretty much see you on the 8th.


oh wow a little redundent there

what is this that your using that limits downloading and shit. kinda stupid.

dude don’t get me started. It’s a verizon aircard that has 5 GB of usage every month. The only reason we have it is because we can’t get any faster internet where we live. But every month me and my brother have to go without games online for about a week.

wow that blows. my cousin has that shit. you live in the boons?

I just live on a “farm” (farm meaning it was my uncle’s, after he died we moved in but we are not so called “farmers”.)

ya i get where your coming from. that verizon is faster than dialup.

Spartan Kick is old, so it might not work anymore.

and when you install it, you should end up with this;

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\iprovedsantaisreal\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons\Spartan Kick

Also, with PHX, there a plenty of uploads of PHX3, which is the latest version, and if you get that, you won’t need 1 or 2. Try one of those when you can

Err Okay I don’t have time to read the entire thread right now but I see there is no link to here:

okay i only have 1 more day untill reset of my aircard but stay tuned if i still have problems