PHX 3 error

I’m having a problem with PHX 3 at the moment, I downloaded it today and it doesnt show up in gmod when I open it. I followed the instructions EXACTLY as the site said, I would be really grateful if you could help me.



Make sure your PHX folder structure is like this…
/garrysmod/addons/phx3/ and then in that folder is data, lua, maps, materials, models, scripts, settings, sound.

Some people have an extra folder after phx3 that stops it working.

They’re all in my folder properly but they still don’t work. Everything is put in the right place. :S


Anyone got any ideas? :S

You could delete your PHX3 folder and just get the SVN. That will work properly.

That’s the folders structure I’ve got, nothing extra.

Not sure how to do that, I used SVN to d/l it originally.

Is the PHX3 folder in garrysmod/garrysmod/addons?


Post a screenshot of your PHX3 folder I want to see if everything is in there properly.

Scroll down for the picture

Are you using a pirated version of Gmod? If so:
If you are using the real version of Gmod, see

here’s the picture

I hope it helps!

just put it in addons and it should work cuz i did that

Like I said i followed the instructions EXACTLY as i was prompted, i did put them in, the addons folder.


i can’t understand why it’s going wrong!


some one please help!


This happened when I tried to install Wire too! It might be 'cause I got Vista

what windows vista cuz i got windows 7 and every thing works fine

Well i would like Windows 7 but I don’t really want to change it just for PHX 3 on gmod, do you know how i could fix it for Vista to make it work?

on checkout did you put this link
and if it still dont work go on PHX3 forum page :

Yea I put that link in on checkout.




Uh i just looked at the link you said and thats for PHX 2 and i’m having trouble with PHX 3…

oh and look at my working PHX3 folder in garrysmod/garrysmod/addons folder :

yours doesn’t have .SVN at the top where mine does!


should I delete the .SVN folder?!

maybe but still have a copy of that some else form addons folder like on desktop