PHX 3 Installation help please

Ok I have the Tortoise SVN thing I know I need to do checkout when it downloads but I cant ever get PHX3 files to save so that it opens up in the game anyone here have an explanation even an idiot or complete retard could explain I needz help PS
I have windows 7 so narrows down help a little bit

Anyways thanks for all the help if you post anything

You can get “PHX3” to save?! What do you mean by “save” you download it from svn into a folder.

Anyways look these over:

And this will also help:

More information would be better though.

If you are absolutely stuck, download the one from


This would also work, to bad it will prolly be OOD. :frowning:


Yes, it’s going to be outdated, and you can only use the plates, none of the special pieces, like roller coaster parts.

I have had PHX for a while and i never used this fregging roller coaster stuff.

No i want the one so that the red error signs wont show up every five frickinb seconds!!! oh and the thing is I saved phx3 ton a file and when u checkout with tourtoise SVN checkout it says it cant find pheonix-storms3.svn.blah blah blah server or what ever that vid didnt really help either

You can’t save. when you press save it doesn’t save anything but game state, it doesn’t save models from Addons or anything. you need to use the advanced duplicated from wiremod if you want to save contraptions.

The red error signs could be from other things instead of just you not having PHX3 the person could be using a model that’s from a game you don’t have or a addon you don’t have

SVN Tutorial: