phx 3 - legit?

is this phx legit?

It says don’t delete your previous phx if you don’t want. What would happen if we did?

Use the SVN version, it’s updated, plus safer.

link please, ill check it out.


Why is it safer, it only has like 300 downloads while phx has over 50k - 500k

Not everyone knows how to use a SVN downloader

So we have to download the svn downloader to download phx. The link i posted the first time, will it be safe?

Learn to, it’s really useful.

If you need me to teach you, ask.


Start by downloading this:

did any one read my question. is it safe to download the one from the link i gave.

If you’re not sure, download it and scan it. Even so, it’s been up for 128 days. If it was infected with something, one of the 92592 downloaders would have reported it.

Is it safe? Probably.

Should you use the SVN anyway? Damn right. Most Gmod projects about the place use the SVN for their downloads and updates, and because of the constant updating of some of them the SVN really is the best way to go.

well lets see 92724 downloads, seems safe to me.

yo link the svn!

Also it says “you dont have to delete previous phx”. What would happen if i deleted the previous and isnt every new phx supposed to have all the same objects just updated.

if you don’t want to dl tortoise svn, go to
its basically svn dumps.

I already know how to use a svn download I just can’t get tortoisesvn to work for me so i started using this


Note: That file is safe. There is no updates for it tho.
Step 1. Download
Step 2. Install
Step 3. Make a folder on the desktop called PHX3
Step 4. Right click on it and press SVN Checkout
Step 5. Copy and paste this link into the first text box:
Step 6. Wait
Step 7. Move the folder to C:\program files/steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod/garrysmod/addons
Step 8. Enjoy

You can download from that link that you gave but it will not include updates.


Step 5 edit:
Click on the link and then copy and paste it.

Now why was i rated dumb


now why did my auto-merge break?