Phx 3 not working

I’ve tried to install Phx 3 but none of them are working!!! I have done everything imaginable but nothing has worked for me since Garrys got the torrent thing. And yes i have started to use torrent correctly.

phx3 is not supposed to be on
get the svn

Where can I get it…Sorry I’m still new to the transferring if there is no instructions.

the svn is right there.


Thanks a million man! Your my new best friend!!! Any recomendations for sites instead of

BTW You lost the game

Download it from there. Screw SVN.

Download the svn unless you
A. Are too dumb to figure it out. (faze)
B. Like downloading it again every week.

SUMBITCH!!! I just downloaded it and it still shows errors on the map!!!

BTW, what the fuck.