PHX cube scaling. (A take on the stacker tool)

Have a swep, have arrows pointing out of a cube: X Y Z. (You must select the cube entity first.)

You click on an arrow, then pull it out to expand the cube.
The cube is basically several PHX cube models. After it hits the size limit, another model is placed into a table.

I’m thinking this would be only for level making so all the cubes would be asleep, no physics.

There would be a specific material tool for it, color tool, etc.

I don’t know how to explain it even further except for using a horrible example:
Roblox’s block scaling tool.

I can probably do this, but too lazy. So I’m bringing the idea out there.

Problem: Can easily hit the engine’s prop limit.

So you want something like the prop scaling stool except it works with this version (i think) and you can scale in certain axes rather than all at the same time?

Well, technically this is completely possible, and can be done with a rectangle as well, completely dynamically (You don’t even need multiple models). However, since this only works on cubes and rectangular prisms, its uses are rather limited. You can just go grab the prop resizer, look it up on

More limited, but more reliable.

IMO, i’d use this more.