PHX Easy Building Blocks

This is an Advanced Duplicator Pack of PHX building blocks. They come in, 1x1,1x2,2x2,2x4,4x4. They are boxes and are completely hollow. This makes for amazingly easy building. Hopefully if I get enough positive feedback, I can make more. thanks for the help and keep the flaming, loving, and downloading COMING!

Link to download:

Put into steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod/garrysmod/data/adv_duplicator

Mr. Bigglesworth

Youtube link:
If you are not sure about them come to my DarkRP server and look at them in the public advanced dupe folder. info:

It’s much easier to just use the Tiled Building Blocks included with phx3, but I guess these could be used somehow…

but the tiled building blocks are not hollow. :confused:

yea that’s true.


No, wait…actually, this IS a good idea…

Try em’ out and tell me what you think. And thanks again for everyone downloading.

Nah, then I’ll be tempted to adv.dupe stuff with them, and then when I release the next Max’s Dupes pack, I have to put a download link to your blocks in it. Needless extra work unless you can work it into the next PHX pack or XQM pack or something.

nah dude, go ahead and put it into your pack, all u need to do is mention my name somewhere… its not like I really care…I just want this to be big xD

Adv. dups are rarely big. (popular)

Ya never know. :confused:


HAHA, I so lol’d at the Optimistic Rainbow! (p.s. I’m new to facepunch.)

It’s more commonly known as a gaybow, but I used it in the optimistic sense. =b

wow 500 downloads overnight, good job dare


ya but then again klayking is huge in adv dupes

Fun fact, I actually met Klayking on a server I admin once. He wasn’t that special or weird, he’s just a normal guy.

That doesnt happen everyday :smiley:


Thanks man!

nice, klaykings vehicles are ownage, well i dled it and recomended it to all my friends. You all should you wont regret it

I actually have’nt seen his vehicles. I hope thats not a bad thing O.O ANYWAY! And thanks for downloading, and the compliment!

np dude, and thats surprising if you ever look up adv or dupe on its one of the top ones


wow lol he just came into my server !!! lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, thanks for ALL the downloads OVER NIGHT! Thats crazy and thanks for the support.

i’m new to face punch to! lol

Yeah, but it’s definitely a great forum! You cant even double-post! Thats how you know it’s awesome ;]