PHX Materials Missing from Material Tool List

Hey all. I’m setting up a server and I had the long list of materials in the material tool list, just as always. But now all those materials are missing from the list, even when I go on singleplayer. I tried using a dupe that had one of the missing materials and the material works fine, it’s just missing from the toolgun list. Could someone please help me? I thought all those materials were default on GMod?

I’m pretty sure that’s an addon, GMod doesn’t have those on the toolgun list by default.

I don’t remember having a specific addon for it. Could you point me in the right direction? I’m having a hard time trying to find it on the Workshop.

EDIT: I didn’t use an addon to include all the materials, it did automatically. I’m trying to figure out what removed all those materials from the list.

These are the materials I’m talking about:
How do I add them to my material tool list?

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Answered my own problem. To anyone else having this issue, it’s because I removed the Advanced Duplicator addon from GMod and added Advanced Duplicator 2 instead. I’m going to unpack the .gma and extract the materials manually.

All you need is the file you posted, nothing more.