PHX or Wire

Before I go on, sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I’m new…

A random question, If you had to use JUST 1 ADD-ON… Which would it be, PHX (2 or 3 your decision) or the newest wire?
And by this I mean just for building.

EDIT: This is my first generic question, forgive me…

phx but i like physics because THATS WHAT THE SOURCE ENGINE IS FOR.


Wire. No contest.

I would say so, too.


I would probably not take wire, but I would take what the most popular is, I hate seeing ERROR everywhere!

Cause you don’t have wire model pack…I’d get both:v:Seriously:wire.

well if you just like building i would go with phx 3 way more models to work with

Neither. I can build without PHX and I can control my contraptions without Wire.


my only use for PHX stuff is for the Plates (and I really only use the plates to hold my Wire stuff…)

Phoenix 3

Yeah before I even knew what Wire was, I got DEATHLY angry about the ERRORS, but then I got it… lol

well, i have phx 3, and im getting wire right now, so i have to see… but so far phx is pretty cool.




See you can build structures with phx, and bring stuff to life with wire… both go hand in hand basically for those reasons


PHX looks ugly most of the time.

Upgrade your PC.