PHX plates not shiny anymore?

Now I’ve had this problem for a while, and it’s been biting my butt for a long time.
Every time i watch a demo on youtube (ex. How to build Superawesomedeathtrapthing) I notice that the PHX plates’ flat sides’ individual “squares” seem to actually have depth and lustre to it, whereas when i play on my Gmod, Phx Plates are totally flat and dull.
Ok, so maybe my graphics card is the problem? This crossed my mind, but then I remembered that there WAS actually a time when my PHX plates looked normal. In fact, I remember now that MetroPolice, Combine Soldiers, etc. all had this same “lustre” to them aswell.

Does anyone know something about this? I checked my launch properties for -dxlevel, but the box is cleared. This may not be a top-priority issue and it doesn’t get in the way of gameplay, but I’m just a little irked at this point as to why this is happening.

Post specs and your video settings, like Bloom and Multicore rendering status, etc.

I swear, even after I set them all to high, it’s the same situation… Unless I’m missing a setting?