PHX problem

I’ve been getting some errors for Triangles and other “Super” props. I’ve already reinstalled it 3 times! Help?
Intel duo core 3.0 Ghz
4 gb ram
ATI 5770

Have you tryed updating phx via svn or reinstalling phx via svn?

Multiple times. To make sure I’ve been updating it right, after i installed it with SVN, do i quickly update it or is it already updated after i svn it without installing the phx3 folder?

Try using this svn program + tutorial


I like svn auto 2.0 since its
Easy to use
Links are all in one easy to use menu
Links are streamed as a .ini file from
You can add your own links into the svn menu using the custom.ini file
No install required

As much off topic that it is i like to point out how great that program is, hence why i made a 9 step tutorial on how to use it.

so…all the stuff inside the folder(phoenix for example, is the main folder for the crap for the phx) should be out of it?
Not addon/wiremod/wire?

And now you have tons of .svn folders in /addons/ increasing loadtimes to no end.

Nope there is a setting inside the program that deletes .svn after its done downloading or updating.

However the version system is still in place because it has a revision database.

Each addon has its own rev file.

My loading time is 20 seconds using this program and less when joining a server.

should the info.txt for the phx3 be in the addons?

info.txt is needed for addons to work


Every addon has a info.text