PHX Simple Edition

Okay, don’t get me wrong, PHX 3 is a wonderful addition to GMod. It’s also over-rated and mostly useless.

Everyone seems to be ranting, “get PHX 3!” Well, yeah the props are great and stuff but I’ve only ever used what - 30 of them ever (and I like building things)? The excess props just make me load spawn icons and take up space. GMod takes 130 mb to get on my P.C., but adding PHX 3 makes it over a gigabyte. It’s like forcing a 30 pound turkey down someone’s throat. Okay, I’ll definitely have some of it but I don’t want all of it.

So here’s my suggestion: How about a seperate SVN is made that only features the bare essentials? The ‘General Construction’ tab, along maybe with a few other tabs that are popularly used. I only ever use the General Construction one.

Another idea, maybe a seperate SVN could be made for each category of props? That’s asking quite a bit I’m sure but it’d definitely be nice.

Yes, I do realize I can go into the folders and delete the parts of PHX 3 that I don’t want but that makes updating the SVN tedious and very time consuming - I also don’t know by the folder names which props they contain.

So, how about some input? Bash me silly for saying bad against PHX?

Go download phx2 if you just want the basics.

What does PHX 2 have? I don’t remember :stuck_out_tongue:


Didn’t GMod at some point change it’s engine to a newer Source Engine and all of the mods became obsolete? Wouldn’t that make PHX 2 not work?

The download uncompressed is only 260mb compared to phx3’s massive 546.


Also in phx2 Tile is a separate download.

That made me lol hard, do as they guy above says and download PHX2.

Thanks for the advice guys :slight_smile: