PHX SVN Craziness...

Hey all,

Can anyone tell me what has happened to the Phoenix Storms SVN? There’s been an update to the repository (which isn’t in the changelog), which deleted a massive chunk of the models (check the robotics section), and added a few random bits and pieces… Seems like it could be foul play. (Backup your folder before updating!)

Anyway, any info?

Yeah i just got this as well. The only change was deleting over 1000 materials + models and adding 22 random metal sounds. What the hell is going on?

You can always revert to any of the old SVN revisions, so its not the end of the world, its just a pain to do.

(You can do this on a clean SVN checkout too)

I tried revert to no avail, the list was blank. Is there more to reverting?

Yeah i just reverted mine. It’s a pain in the ass though, when will the latest version be fixed?


For me, the ‘revert’ list had nothing in, but i went to ‘update to version’ and entered ‘145’, the update before this one.

When you get into the window which lists the revisions, try pressing the next 100 button. That should help

You guys sure are sexy, thanks. :slight_smile:

No problem. I just want to know when these shenanigans will be fixed.

If I hear anything I’ll be sure to post here, I’d appreciate if anyone else in the know did the same.

Oh god I did the update yesterday. Didn’t realise it was deleting shit fuck

Hehe, yeah it basically deleted the texture for every single PHX prop in the ‘Transportation Props’ section, along with lots of others. Can you fix it as soon as possible?


So, are you working towards fixing the problem? :buddy:

phx3 (146) deletes 1065 things, breaks easy precision, and adds some sound files- of the 1065 files are most of the useful models for gears, robotics, solid steel, and quite a few of what I thought were phx staples…

Any ideas on what happened, was it a bunk svn update perhaps?!, I tried joining the phoenix-storms forums but cannot make a new post there,

174.31 mb worth to revert to 145, 21 minutes, as opposed to 44 seconds to delete it all and mess it up.

I suspect foul play here. I don’t know how SVN works precisely but it might be a possibility that someone gained access to the repository, changed some shit and then sat back and laughed at all the GMod users who loyally update their PHX daily/hourly.

Thanks for the heads up, OP.

I think you misunderstood me or I am misunderstanding you.

keep us updated! thanks!

I can’t see any foul play here, easy precision is not broken and neither is propeller.
The tool categories for both have been changed to -=PHX Tools=- that is the only change.

The new sounds besides the metal ones are higher quality versions of the older ones.

As for the deleted content there are a few potential explanations for it:
• Deleting the models could have been a mistake.
• They are making a new separate repository.
• Was deleted on request of the author(s) due to any reason.
• They are in the midst of reorganising the content.

For all the Unix servers affected, use the following command to rollback.

svn update -r 145

Or fresh checkout

svn co -r 145

When will it actually be FIXED, so people can continue updating instead of reverting to earlier revisions?

I’ll guess ill wait updating my PHX…

I can spawn a moped tire, but it wont show, like its there but invisible. I re-installed phx svn, and realized that was worse since that bad update, but any fixes?