Phx Svn Models

Just updated my phx with a valid link. Its now at revision 134 which is the most up to date version. When I go into phx misc, scroll to the bottom, I see two of the spawn icons show error. But the model names are:


If you guys can tell me if you got the same thing thx.

You can try to left click on them and select “Delete”.

But when I update it, It will be created again.

Can anyone test this with their gmod. Thx.

hello, i have the same problem but with alot of the spawnicons (more than half are errors in each phx category on the left-hand side of spawn menu.

Well, spawnlists are saved under garrysmod\settings\spawnlists, but some are also located under addons, like: “garrysmod\addons\day-of-defeat\settings\spawnlist2”.

You can try to search these folders, for your faulty spawnlists.

Delete them then save the spawnlists.