PHX + Wire is standard

OK, I know this has probably been suggested before but why not make PHX and WIRE come with Gmod? i mean it’s so hard trying to find a Wiremod that WORKS.

Incoming boxes

Because wiremod goes through so many updates, Gmod would have to be updated almost daily to keep up to date. Plus, it’s a laggy piece of crap altogether, so it would just slow everything down.

As for PHX, I’m not sure, but again, third party mod, gets updated now and again.

I agree with PHX. A lot of the useful tools should also be included such as stacker, weight tool and smart weld.

do you know the working Wire SVN link?

I disagree. The thing about GMod is you have the choice to do what ever you feel like doing. Giving you 10 tonnes of models and Lua files would spoil the aspect of freedom of choice. Also, I prefer Vanilla GMod :stuck_out_tongue:

What the hell are vanilla props and crap!!!

EDIT: oh yeah, you should add the more useful tools such as the stacker and stuff

Vanilla props are the ones that come with GMod. Crap is something found in your toilet.

~RaTe mE fuNNy~

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