Phx/wire svn

Well i just reinstalled steam, and decided to get the phx and wire svn.
I read up how to do it, and began to ‘update’ them.
Phx went on for a while, but at about 4mb, wire crashed and said it locked or something.
and at about 70mb, phx did the same.
why is this? if somebody knows a better link, please, post it here.

there is no “better link” at this very moment in time, I can’t update my wire. But phoenix should be fine.

That’s the some other shit isn’t it? is acting strange, it redirects you to somewhere else. Perhaps that is the problem, that the svn servers aren’t working.

For the mean time, just download and

Why did you upload a zip file to a SVN repository??
The point of it, is to make all the files downloadable in a simple way, so when the dev’s are done with an update, they can click commit, and then all the users click update. That’s why it’s called subversion, and version control…
SVN repositorys are stupid when they’re unneccesary, takes a bit off the internet speed, and adds double the files, in .svn files… were changing server operating system last time i checked. That might explain the Microsoft IIS 7 advert. Some guys explained it as “Microsoft bought gmod” lol…

Every time you update, it only downloads the files you are missing… How does it take a bit off the internet speed?

Oh and yeah it adds a bunch of invisible .svn files. But luckily there’s the Export option.