phx wood conversion

First of all, dont say im lazy. im very busy at the moment and dont have time to do this.

I would appreciate if someone converted this into wood for neonmonkeys build rp. they no longer allow phx metal (even though wood actually lags more, they think most people dont use wood for houses anyway, but now we have to)

Thank You

P.S. i know this is not a “model” request but it seems that this sub forum is the only one that fits adv dupe requests

P.P.S. i dont want a save file, i cant use it. my computer got a bug off of a torrent and now i cant use save or load. Actually, there is a good chance it will crash with adv dupe anyway.

Ok, if the reason that you didnt respopnd to this thread is: “he’s busy anyway, why should I make it for him to use?” well this is actually for my kid brother.

Honestly, posting this in contraptions would probably have gotten a better response.

Let’s see…I think there’s a way to edit the text file to make it work…I’ll take a look (but I have no clue where to start, so don’t expect awesomeness the first time around)


Oh, btw, the server doesn’t allow the PHX wood bits but they do allow combine props? So I don’t have to do anything about those?

Edit 2:

Wow, that’s a load of gibberish. Sorry…nothing I can do…

hmmmm…o well. they changed to a map that wouldn’t be fun with that anyway.