PHX3 Addon not appearing

First of all, hello. Second, I searched for this problem, couldn’t find anything. I downloaded the PHX3 svn to my addons and am still currently still downloading it now. I also have many other addons installed which do show up in game, however when in Gmod, There is no PHX folder or spawn menu to choose from. Is this because the svn has not finished downloading? I notice that with some of the svn addon downloads, when the svn finishes, it just says “finsed! at revision 4 or 5 or whatever” at the end and stops. While downloading the PHX3 svn though, the official one, it seems to just stop at random places with red text that says
"Error: REPORT of ‘/svnroot/phoenix-storms/!svn/vcc/default’: Could not read response
Error: body: Secure connection truncated (

Under the errors it says “finished!” Do I need to repeatedly run the svn update until all the files are downloaded? And I’m not exactly paying attention to the downloads, but it seems to be installing the same files each time, always models from the \hunter\ folder and never from anywhere else, but I checked my folder in addons which is relatively empty compared to the svn that I checked which has a ton of files in it, so I’m not so sure that is a problem. Wait, OK ya I checked and the models folder is getting bigger with more files. So, is there really a problem?

You shouldn’t install SVN’s directly in your addons folder, it can double their size, thus increases your load time for GMod.

Here is a SVN tutorial (a really good one);

As for the PHX issues, I think the issue is that you are using the wrong link.

The correct SVN link is

All right, I will check out that tutorial. Should I just delete all the addons in my addon folder then, and re install them? And that is the SVN link I was using, got it from Gmod wiki.

Yeah, delete the PHX folder in your addons. And then follow the tutorial I linked to.

And if you were using the same link, I don’t knwo what the problem could have been. Did it ask you for a username and password?

If it does, they will either both be “anon” or “anonsvn”

No it didn’t ask for a password, and I know what it would be if it asked.

Ok, it’s working great now, thanks man. And it all loads much faster!