PHX3 and SVN

Ok, I have downloaded TortoiseSVN 1.6.8, their latest version, and I am very annoyed atm. The website will not load for me, and I really need PHX3 to play on alot of Gmod servers, and don’t tell me to read and learn. That is a very mean and unwanted answer when you already know it and just want to be a jerk about it. I need help so just please tell me how to get phx3 so I can get on with my rp life…

Not really much else to tell you but read and learn. You did not explain your problem well.

However you can also go to and they have PHX3 that is up to date within 4 hours.

Ok, in a different thread, they gave a link to Phoenix Storms for the PHX3 download, it said I could not access it because I do not have SVN 1.6.6, but is there any other website that gives the download?


Hmm those are .ZIP and tar, I don’t think I want to trust them :confused:


Ok, I took, “the dive”, hopefully I get it right. Thanks for the help.


Ok. Fixed. Lock this thread please.

Lol? Don’t want to risk ‘zips’ yet you installed an exe file?

If you mean SVN then yes, I trust it because it checked out OK.

sigh Glua has been providing svn downloads for the computer-illiterate for quite a while, Im pretty sure their zips dont have viruses…

You know… There is something called Google.

Third one down.

Google sucks, so do all the other ones, I once looked up, How to make Hot Chocolate, and it came up with Asian Ass Porn…

But I love Google! You suck!