PHX3 On a dedicated server?

I can’t seem to figure out how I would SVN it on and when i drag and drop it, it is over 32,000 files! Any help is appreciated!

  1. Go to the dedicated server’s addons folder.
  2. Create a folder inside addons called “PHX3”
  3. Use an SVN client (any will do) to check out the PHX3 pack into that folder.
  4. Go inside the PHX3 folder.
  5. Take all the folders inside the PHX3 folder (excluding info.txt) and cut them (CTRL-X)
  6. Go to the garrysmod folder (the one with the materials, models, and maps folders)
  7. Paste the folders (CTRL-V) inside the garrysmod folder
  8. It should tell you that “Files may be overwritten,” tell it to continue.
  9. Wait a very long time for the paste to complete
  10. Done!

Hope this helps.

Ok so your suggestion is just to wait out the files?

Thats a bad methood


Go to your server directory
C:\Program Files(x86)\Valve\jbs-server\Orangebox\garrysmod\addons (Or wherever you store your files)
Create a file called phx3 and svn it


Oh, do you home host?

Bad method is very bad.

How is this bad? That’s what it says to do on the GMod wiki…(at least I think so)

Don’t just say it’s bad; offer an alternative.


Also this apparently won’t work according to the wiki

Well Ive got to FTP it or do it through the game panel so…