phx3 problems with server?

Hi, and first off thank you for taking the time to read this. i have a gmod server and i host DARKRP and i have added the PHX3 to my server i used the svn to obtain it. i made a folder called PHX3 in the addons folder and installed it there. either way my server will crash with the error of model overflow to many models and the model location is a file inside the ph3 folder in addons? any way how to fix this?

never ever check out in garrysmod/addons that could be the problem

I call bullshit. That’s how I do it and it works fine.

Where are you hosting the server and how? Is it a listen server or dedicated?

Post a list (or a screenshot) of all your addons.

Yes it works fine, but it makes your Gmod slower.

my add folders are:
PC Mod 2
i have removed the phx3 folder for now and i re ran my server and now it crashed due to the error called “no free edicts” have any clue what that one means? the server is dedicated

No free edicts means you’ve run out of slots for entities. Are you playing mobenix v3? That map uses a ridiculous amount of entities.