Phx3 svm major problem!

hi, ive been trying to get phx3 svn through toitoise svn, which i have done before but i deleted everything including steam to make a fresh start to my gmod folders so this is a brand new gmod with all the default folders, i did what i did before and at the end of the downloading i got three errors at the end. i didnt know what to do so i when on gmod to see that happened after i installed the folders and most of the spawn list for phx have giant red error signs where the pictures for models should be and only a few have shown up. if anyone could heko me that would be awesome, thanks.

Make sure you have the newest version of tortoise svn and the correct URL.

The URL I used was

Make sure to click on that link and copy what it says in your browser. There should be no “…” in that link

Also make sure that the Phx3 Folder inside your Addons folder has a info.txt file in it so it is properly placed.