Where can I get those for Gmod 10?

Its called “The search function”

Oh and there’s a thing called…


Wow, really?

There’s also a man named Jeeves and you can ask him whatever you want. But nobody likes Jeeves.:frowning:

What a shame. if you can ask Jeeves whatever you want. i supoose everybody should like him?

LOLZ thanks for wiremod link :slight_smile:

Sorry if this is a little off topic, but why do people have GMod 10, didn’t it get updated to gmod 11 and lost the numbers?

Why do people get butthurt over the name of a video game?

Nah im not offended or ‘ZOMG KWL TEH GMAE BAI PROPAR NAME!!!1111111!!!ONE’ I was just curious :stuck_out_tongue: (I’ve only been gmoding since December, and facepunching even less time than that)

The proper name is Garrysmod.
It was never named to Gmod 11.
If any number it would either be version number or just 10.
We didn’t rename it when we changed it before, no reason to rename when we changed it now.

It was known as GMod 11 due the the orange box engine update, but yes the official name is Garrysmod, the rough version is 11, and the actual version is something like 64.

Why 64? 64 bit windows?



64 total updates.

Could we get a current link for the current verison of PHX SVN…

I really can’t find it anywhere,at all.

This topic is over a year old dude…

But yeah, here you go:

Get tortoise svn and make a folder called PHX3
Then right click it and click SVN Checkout.
then copy and paste that link in there and have fun ^.^