PHX3/Wiremod svn server

I have a Gmod game server at, and i need to know how i can install PHX3 and Wiremod onto it. they dont have any presets like AOWC does and if you try and to FTP upload it there 31000 files. ive tried making a blank PHX3 folder and uploading it to the servers gmod addons section, but in the servers file navigator you cant use svn so i have no clue as to how i could get them on the server.

Either ask the hosts to use SVN to download it for you, or download it yourself, then export it, and upload it.
SVN tutorial that explains exporting:
After reading the tutorial you should know why it’s especially useful to do before uploading to a server.

i have exported it just like in the video, do i now do a regular ftp uplaod?
it says to then move it to your Gmod addons folder, i already have it installed on my gmod but im looking to install it on the server.

The tutorial only tells you how to install it onto your Gmod, not your server. I thought it would be apparent what you need to do to get it on your server after reading the tutorial. Yes, just upload it using ftp.

Just think the server as a player, it needs the files to show just as a player does. Most addons will install the same to the server as they do to a client

i think i might ask the hosts becase i dont think im gonna wait while i upload 10298 files

Heh, most GMod server hosts have a package system to install popular addons like PHX3 and Wire

cubos games dosnt for some reason, although its the best aussie server hoster i could find

(you must download SVN for this) All you have to do is go into your server files. Then goto addons and create new folders and rename them PHX3 and wiremod. then right click on wiremod and click SVN checkout and type in inside the link box and click ok. After that is downloaded, right click on PHX3 and click svn checkout. Then copy and paste this into the box and hit ok. After you download that you are done!

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