phx3 wont work for me

hey guys iv installed phx3 via svn the same with wire gcx gcombat and all except phx works i check to see if phx was double foldered and its not it is installed correctly and i tryed to update it also and it is compleatly up to date but no matter what i try when i go onto my local phx/wire server phx still wont work i read through about 5-6 different threads on here and tryed everything that they said and nothing is working if anyone can shead some light on why this is happening please do ur help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Which SVN link did you use? Also, post a picture of where you installed it, so that we can see it’s in the correct location.

i used the 32bit one and how do i post a pic do i need to upload it to a picture site then post link or do u have a way to post the photo straight onto the forum chat ?

32bit one? i mean the link you put in for the svn repository.

sorry i thought u ment witch svn totoise did i download lmao :slight_smile:

anyone help please this is irritateing me like hell :frowning: