Hello World !, so, i was repairing that Awesome gamemode, then i tought about something, Why wouldn’t i Upgrade it ?A lot of people loved it, and that would be great !

What will be New ?
Upgrade System (Weapon Abilities and Ect…)
More !

But i can’t do it Alone, that would be suicide so, i need:
Coders (Lua, DUH)

Banner: 50%
Nothing Yet

Repairing: 90%
Coding: 10%
Details: 0%
Beta: Half way of November
Release No date.

PS:Sorry for my bad english
PPS: I don’t give a shit to “Poltergeist”

What? What awesome gamemode? And even a foreigner could speak better English… You capitalize random words in the sentence o.O

Anyways, so basically your the ideas guy? I can see that cause you need coders modelers and mappers… all three categories of people that make gamemodes and crap. I can see this not going very far… sorry.

Nice engrish there son.

I think that means he actually can code.

Yes that gamemode Is Old of 2years … and I’m french so i’m not very good at English…And No i’m Not alone, i already Some friends to help.

So what is Phyghte again?

from what it sounds to me, this could be an egyptian themed deathmatch, boring.